After first deciding to grow a beard, it can be an exciting time. During the ‘itchy’ phase, it is very easy to start regretting the decision but then it forms into a perfect shape that any man would be proud of. Although all beards are different in shape, size, and colour, they all have one thing in common – they need to be looked after in order to remain healthy and good-looking.

Ultimately, looking after your beard is vital because otherwise it will soon lose its health and you just may have to shave it back and start again. Over the years, many men have failed to look after their beards correctly and it leads to a shaggy and unkempt look. Despite popular belief, this doesn’t have to be a chore. When people talk about looking after a beard, many make the mistake of thinking that it has to be a tough process but this simply isn’t true.

Overall, one of the best products you can buy for your beard is oil. Not only does beard oil moisturise and leave your beard feeling healthy, it goes straight to the follicle to keep your beard looking thick and healthy too. Over time, your beard will succumb to the wind and the elements which causes facial hair to become dry and flaky. However, beard oil helps to keep the area moisturised to ensure that this doesn’t happen regardless of where you are in the world and what season you’re in.

Best Product? – All in all, we believe that we have the best beard oil at the London Grooming Company. Not only are our products affordable, they provide the perfect product for anyone looking to add the natural shine you see with celebrities and movie stars. By including all the essential oils and minerals you need to encourage a healthy beard and even growth, you will never need to look for another product ever again.

Among other important ingredients, we ensure that our beard oil uses hydration treatment which means that your beard will stay in good shape not just for the first couple of hours of the day but for prolonged periods of time. As an added bonus, the oil is also fragranced with our signature Oud Wood and will last just as long as any regular aftershave. When first developing this product, we realised that regular aftershave was damaging beard hair so we strived to achieve an oil that would help every beard to look, feel, and smell good.

So there we have it, London Grooming Company’s beard oil really is the best way to put your beard in the best possible position for long term growth and health!