When it comes to hair styling, I have a very regimented routine! Having tried and tested many a product I have become stuck in my ways and despite being open to trying something new from time to time, on 9 occasions out of 10 I will go back to my old ways. It is therefore very rare for a hair styling product to make its way into my everyday routine and stay.

However one product has recently managed to do just that! The product in Question is The London Grooming Company Clay Now to give you a quick breakdown of my routine I usually apply a Sea Salt Spray to wet hair, give it a quick blow dry at which point I add what I call the middle product; usually a moulding cream, and finally finish with a tiny amount of pomade to give it a bit of slickness! Recently however I have been skipping the pomade and opting for a more natural, matt look and I have consequently been searching for a product that works as both the middle and finishing product.

After giving a few products a go I came across The London Grooming Company after we had discussions with the team about exhibiting at the show. I decided to place an order of the clay which is described as ‘a versatile styling product, which adds great texture and definition, providing a dry matt finish for enhanced thickening and control of the hair’ it also has a firm hold which with my type of hair is very important.

The first point to comment on is the branding and packaging, which is sleek, minimalist and cool and therefore right up my street! The second is the fresh and masculine smell that you are greeted with when you open the metal tin. So far so good! So what about the product?

Well the clay is fairly soft to touch and therefore easy to distribute evenly in your hands. Once applied onto hair it leaves a natural look and delivers a strong yet rework able style. Exactly what I was looking for and definitely a product I will be re-ordering. Next time I will also place an order for the pomade incase I decide to go back to the sleeker look from time to time. If they brought out a Sea Salt spray I may even be tempted to switch over complete allegiance for my hair styling needs to The London Grooming Company!

The London Grooming Company will be doing an exciting collaboration with Menspire at The Gentleman’s Grooming Show 2016, so be sure to check them out!