How To Get Beach Hair Without Going To The Beach

If there are two products every man needs in his grooming kit this summer, they have to be Sea Salt Spray and Hair Clay.

Easy to use and quick to style, Sea Salt Spray recreates that au natural beach look, widely popular with many men around the world.

A product that is widely versatile, Sea Salt Spray is perfect whether your hair is fine and fly away and you’re looking for something to create body and texture, or you have thicker hair and want a product that still adds volume but without weighing it down.

Known for absorbing the natural oils in your hair, Sea Salt Spray gives texture, waves, and volume and is a great treatment to boost fine hair before using a Clay styling product to recreate that undone look.

Whether you have longer hair or a shorter style, applying a Sea Salt Spray and finishing with a Clay product creates great volume and hold.

This can be done with or without a hairdryer but for a more relaxed style, unplug the hairdryer, work 3-4 sprays of our best-selling Sea Salt Spray into your hair from root to tip and use your hands to style. Leave to dry naturally and finish with The London Grooming Company Clay product to add definition.

Hot Hair Trends for Summer ’19

Like with pretty much everything else in the world, within the world of men’s grooming, key trends exist. And like everything else, they tend to constantly evolve which makes it hard to keep track of what’s in and what’s ‘so 2018!’

We’ve compiled a list of the key hair trends for men in summer 2019 and how to achieve them.

The Undercut Quiff

The Undercut Quiff is a cut that’s become more and more popular in recent years due to many famous faces such as David Beckham, model and chef, Isaac Carew, and music producer, Mark Ronson choosing to rock this hairstyle.

People seldom think of Jimmy Neutron and Elvis Presley when you mention a ‘quiff’. The word often has connotations of adolescence and youth. But for this summer, you can try this cut in a more mature way and you’ll not be disappointed. This cut is all about a stark contrast between short and sharp sides, and textured wavy locks packed with volume on top.

Maintenance is key to acquiring this look and the process starts with towel drying your hair before adding Sea Salt Spray that’ll assist with texture and volume. Use a hairdryer to shape your quiff and then finish off with a small amount of Clay for further texture and hold.


Long Hair Don’t Care: The Man Bob

There’s a fine line between looking extremely slick and looking slightly unkempt when it comes to long hair. All that’s required to achieve the former is a bit of love and care. Just think actor, Kit Harrington or snowboarder, Shaun White.

The key is to avoid a floppy mop that’ll make you look like you’re part of an 80’s rock band tribute act. With this style, you’re looking for something that compliments your face shape.

When it comes to styling, try to let your hair dry naturally (if time allows). And for product, Sea Salt Spray is great for a messy matte effect. Or Define to increase the texture and encourage curl.

Although perhaps not ideal for summer given the more hair = hotter head, if you pin it back correctly and keep yourself hydrated, you’ll be just fine.

The Crop

While lots of men are choosing to grow out their hair, others are choosing to embrace the clippers and adopt a much shorter style. The textured crop is a great option for this summer and can flatter many different face shapes and clothing styles. Plus, it only requires minimal maintenance so it’s ideal for those of you who like to allocate all of 15 seconds to your hair in the morning. The likes of Justin Timberlake and Zayn Malik have gone down this route in recent times and they looked extremely sharp, whether donning a suit or a tracksuit.

Like the undercut quiff, keep the sides short and tight but instead of going for textured volume, you want to work with gravity and keep the top compact. It’s a great cut for those with thinning hair, as it gives off the illusion that the hair is thicker than it is.

Product-wise, use Pomade if you want to veer on the smarter side for an elegant finish. But if you’re looking for a slightly more rugged look, then Clay is your best friend.


High & Tight

This is another cut for guys who want minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. The sides are kept short and ‘tight’ whilst leaving enough on top to provide a ‘high’ textured style which looks great and effortless. This has been mastered by some of Hollywood’s finest including Ryan squared (Reynolds and Gosling).

Where other styles leave a lot of the styling up to you, this cut’s foundations lie with your barber. So have a good consultation with them beforehand to ensure you’re on the same page. In terms of styling, if it’s cut right, it should be a case of towel dry and you’re pretty much there. However, a touch of Clay can give you a little extra lift and texture in the top especially if you have finer hair.

Buzz Off

Bold and brave are two words that can be associated with this hairstyle, as you are left with nothing to hide behind. It’s for that reason that you need to have the right features to pull off this look off.

The buzz off used to be a look that was synonymous with rebellion but these days, it’s a great way to stand out for all the right reasons. Channing Tatum and Eden Hazard both took the leap with this cut and it’s safe to say it paid off.

Just make sure your barber gives you an even trim with the clippers so your head doesn’t look patchy!


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HERE’S WHAT SA WOMEN REALLY THINK of your facial hair and beard style

You invest time, money and effort in your appearance because you take pride in how you present yourself to the world. Sure, you take care of yourself for yourself, but if you’re reading these words, then just admit that deep down, a big part of your self-care routine has everything to do with appealing to the opposite sex. We turned to nine South African women to find out if all those hours spent in the barber’s chair and in front of the mirror, yield the kind of results that induce raging estrogen levels or toe-cringing criticism. Continue reading “HERE’S WHAT SA WOMEN REALLY THINK of your facial hair and beard style”


When it comes to hair styling, I have a very regimented routine! Having tried and tested many a product I have become stuck in my ways and despite being open to trying something new from time to time, on 9 occasions out of 10 I will go back to my old ways. It is therefore very rare for a hair styling product to make its way into my everyday routine and stay.

However one product has recently managed to do just that! The product in Question is The London Grooming Company Clay Now to give you a quick breakdown of my routine I usually apply a Sea Salt Spray to wet hair, give it a quick blow dry at which point I add what I call the middle product; usually a moulding cream, and finally finish with a tiny amount of pomade to give it a bit of slickness! Recently however I have been skipping the pomade and opting for a more natural, matt look and I have consequently been searching for a product that works as both the middle and finishing product.

After giving a few products a go I came across The London Grooming Company after we had discussions with the team about exhibiting at the show. I decided to place an order of the clay which is described as ‘a versatile styling product, which adds great texture and definition, providing a dry matt finish for enhanced thickening and control of the hair’ it also has a firm hold which with my type of hair is very important.

The first point to comment on is the branding and packaging, which is sleek, minimalist and cool and therefore right up my street! The second is the fresh and masculine smell that you are greeted with when you open the metal tin. So far so good! So what about the product?

Well the clay is fairly soft to touch and therefore easy to distribute evenly in your hands. Once applied onto hair it leaves a natural look and delivers a strong yet rework able style. Exactly what I was looking for and definitely a product I will be re-ordering. Next time I will also place an order for the pomade incase I decide to go back to the sleeker look from time to time. If they brought out a Sea Salt spray I may even be tempted to switch over complete allegiance for my hair styling needs to The London Grooming Company!

The London Grooming Company will be doing an exciting collaboration with Menspire at The Gentleman’s Grooming Show 2016, so be sure to check them out!


After first deciding to grow a beard, it can be an exciting time. During the ‘itchy’ phase, it is very easy to start regretting the decision but then it forms into a perfect shape that any man would be proud of. Although all beards are different in shape, size, and colour, they all have one thing in common – they need to be looked after in order to remain healthy and good-looking.

Ultimately, looking after your beard is vital because otherwise it will soon lose its health and you just may have to shave it back and start again. Over the years, many men have failed to look after their beards correctly and it leads to a shaggy and unkempt look. Despite popular belief, this doesn’t have to be a chore. When people talk about looking after a beard, many make the mistake of thinking that it has to be a tough process but this simply isn’t true.

Overall, one of the best products you can buy for your beard is oil. Not only does beard oil moisturise and leave your beard feeling healthy, it goes straight to the follicle to keep your beard looking thick and healthy too. Over time, your beard will succumb to the wind and the elements which causes facial hair to become dry and flaky. However, beard oil helps to keep the area moisturised to ensure that this doesn’t happen regardless of where you are in the world and what season you’re in.

Best Product? – All in all, we believe that we have the best beard oil at the London Grooming Company. Not only are our products affordable, they provide the perfect product for anyone looking to add the natural shine you see with celebrities and movie stars. By including all the essential oils and minerals you need to encourage a healthy beard and even growth, you will never need to look for another product ever again.

Among other important ingredients, we ensure that our beard oil uses hydration treatment which means that your beard will stay in good shape not just for the first couple of hours of the day but for prolonged periods of time. As an added bonus, the oil is also fragranced with our signature Oud Wood and will last just as long as any regular aftershave. When first developing this product, we realised that regular aftershave was damaging beard hair so we strived to achieve an oil that would help every beard to look, feel, and smell good.

So there we have it, London Grooming Company’s beard oil really is the best way to put your beard in the best possible position for long term growth and health!



The London Grooming Company take pride in taking the traditions of male grooming,then translating them into a splendid array of products, tailored and perfected for the modern man.

We are proud to offer two gift boxes in our range, both have selected high quality products that specifically compliment each grooming requirement for the modern gentleman. Working collabortively with our friends at The London Sock Company we offer three grooming products of your choice with a free pair of simply sartorial socks from The London Sock Company’s ever expanding range.


Men’s Grooming has quickly turned into a vital part of the modern day working professional’ life, which is why it is important to make sure that the best products are purchased and used in the right manner, whether it is to maintain one’s beard or acheive an acquired hair style.

One of our favourite hair styling products here at The London Grooming Company is our Water Based Strong Hold Pomade. The London Grooming Company’s Pomade provides a high shine glossy finish when applied to towel dried or damp hair or a fairly natural shine when applied to dry hair. This is also a strong holding Pomade making it easy to shape and restyle as required without any doubt it will last throughout the working day.

FInally it is scented with our London Grooming Signature Oud wood fragrance that is proving to be a very popular scent, especially with our Beard Oil and Cologne.


  1. Firstly, a common misconception is that you should wash your hair everyday, and it is a continuous discussion within the hair and male grooming industry. Nonetheless, experts and The London Grooming Company’s barber specialists agree that only 2-3 times a week is perfect. The reason for this, is that your hair’s natural oils are constructed to condition and protect your hair, and when you shampoo daily it damages and destroys these vital oils.
  2. The London Grooming Company recommend that you cool off in the shower. Exposing your hair and scalp to hot water will dry out the hair, resulting in breakage and damage.
  3. Gentlemen, when hair is wet it is fragile. Therefore, we recommend that you are extremely careful when towel drying your hair in order to reduce damage and breakage to your cuticle, the outer layer of the hair.
  4. Heat is devastating to the hair, whether you are subjecting your hair to high temperatures when using a hair dryer or straighteners, it is essential that you implement hair-protection to minimise burning and breakage.
  5. Last but not least, a healthy diet is fundamental when maintaining healthy hair. The cells that make up each strand of hair require key nutrients and minerals, such as vitamin A, C, D, E and Omega 3 in order to facilitate the body’s natural oils and assist a hydrated scalp.