ADVICE FROM BARBER, KEN BIDDLE to improve self-care and choose a long-term barber

There’s a lot of trust involved when it comes to sitting down in an unknown barber’s chair and literally leaving your image in the hands of someone strange whose skill hasn’t been tried or tested first-hand. But trust is earned and you’ll never know what wonders he can work if you don’t say a silent prayer, have faith in his ability (because, well, he still has a job) and then leave the rest up to fate. We spoke to expert barber, Ken Biddle at Barnet Fair barber shop who shared self-care advice and insight into how to find the right barber for you!Ken Biddle at Barnet Fair barber shop

In your opinion, why should every man have their grooming done in a barber shop?

Barbers train in men’s hair only. When you go through hairdresser school, men’s hair is a short module. Hairdressers are not trained in shaving and most of the time, they don’t view men’s hair as a priority because the money is in “ladies services” – not really the truth! Barber shops have increased in popularity. These are places where you can visit and expect to be welcomed, and feel comfortable. There are no Fair Lady or Garden and Home magazines. We serve whiskey and beer, talk trash, listen to music and have a good time.


What advice would you give to men who are searching for the ideal long-term barber/client match?

Look for someone who you feel you’d like to spend time with, and during your service get chatting to find your similarities. If you’ve visited any of our branches, then you know you are in professional hands so don’t try to guide us through your cut because you will just ruin it for yourself. If you get stuck on what to talk about then ask us about hair (we love talking about hair!), then just let the conversation flow. Soon it will move on to sport, movies, games, beer… We are all different.


What are the tell-tale signs of an experienced barber?

They are in complete control at all times; control of the service, the conversation, the pace at which they deliver the service. They will remember conversations from previous services, most patrons’ names and things they talked about. You can see that they are just having a good time. Also, they are always booked, always busy.


In your opinion, why is a professional barbers’ service worth the price?

Professional barbers invest in professional equipment, ongoing education and we are technically skilled to do the right haircut to suit that particular person.

barber tools and equipment

What are the current styling trends? In your opinion, should clients follow trends or not, and why?

At the moment, the current trends still lean on skin fades and cropped fringes. I think it’s good to follow trends. At first, they challenge your confidence but ultimately build character.


What styling trends can we expect to see in 2019?

We will see an emergence of the modern MOD cut. They will be a medium to long cut with softer ends and hopefully, a flair of personalised creativity.


What personal-care product should every man use at home?

Without a doubt, every man should use some kind of skin moisturiser and an aftershave like The London Grooming Company aftershave balm and skin moisturiser

man applying moisturiser

What skincare and beard-care advice do you recommend to your clients?

Use a hairdryer to rough-dry the skin after every wash. Trapped water will dehydrate the skin and cause itching and flaking. Apart from a quality beard moisturiser, don’t over-do it with beard products.


What’s the one golden technical shaving/styling tip that you want your clients to know and practice?

When it comes to styling, every guy should learn to use a hairdryer and the correct way to apply styling products. With shaving, always used a pre-shave product to provide a protective layer between the skin and the blade. I use The London Grooming Company beard conditioner as it softens the hair.

Barber blow-drying man's hair

In your opinion, what are some of the most common personal grooming mistakes men make? What should they do instead?

They don’t apply products correctly and therefore use too much product. Look out for The London Grooming Company guide to styling (coming soon).


Which products from The London Grooming Company range do you use and recommend, and why?

I use the beard shampoo and conditioner as well as the aftershave balm and skin moisturiser. Since I’m a bald, bearded man, these are my ideal products. I will recommend these to all guys, and when it comes to hair products, it really depends on the hair type and desired look that the client wants. I used to favour the pomade but to be honest they are all great if used correctly.


Why should a man sport a beard? What does it say about him?

Hahahaha! Having a beard is great but it’s not a lazy man’s game. Beards require a lot of maintenance even to keep them looking like it’s just a rough-up and go. A beard will show a man has patience and determination, that he is not lazy, and that he has excellent table manners.


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WANT TO BE A BARBER? Barnet Fair’s barber Ken Biddle shares his experience in this cut-throat trade

If you’ve got a knack for securing every strand in place, along with dollops of patience, a genuine interest in people, and using a razor is as natural as gliding a butter knife, then maybe taking up position behind a barber’s chair is exactly where you’d find ultimate job satisfaction. But before you ditch the corporate slog for a pair of scissors in one hand a blow-dryer in the other, consider the accurate insight gained into the typical 9-5 work day of a professional barber. We chatted to skilled Cape-Town-based senior barber, Ken Biddle about his serendipitous journey into the cut-throat world of male grooming services at the Barnet Fair barber shop.


What inspired you to become a barber? Tell us about your career path.

I’ve always been intrigued by the hair industry and loved the experience of visiting new barber shops. On one of my visits to Barnet Fair, I mentioned how I had always wanted to be a barber. Fortunately for me, I spoke to the right person and before I left we had exchanged numbers and I was offered a learner-ship for a minimal fee (compared to what education costs nowadays), as well as a part-time weekend job to help me pay it off. It was a great deal as I managed to keep my regular job. Needless to say, I paid off the course quite promptly and still have the handwritten receipt to frame in my own shop one day.

Ken Biddle at Barnet Fair barber shop

Where did you train and what qualifications do you have?

I trained at Barnet Fair. I worked with highly-skilled stylists, and as long as I was willing to learn, they were willing to teach. I then did a short cutting course through Carlton Hair Academy. I don’t have a recognised qualification as there was not much available at the time, and even today, I am skeptical of most of these barber courses available.


Experience is the best teacher. What has on-the-job experience taught you?

On-the-job experience has been both the best and the worst teacher. It has taught me many great lessons but also many bad habits. Barbering will always be a method of trial and error to accomplish the most effective and efficient technique. All stylists will have a set of skills they know they can rely on but it’s the artist in each of us that pushes us to be better than those skills.


What’s a typical day like in the life of a barber?

I can only speak for myself and my fellow peers here. On a typical day, we arrive at the shop early enough to clean, set up and mentally prepare ourselves for the day ahead. Once the shop opens, we will just get to it; cut after cut, shave after shave. We will continuously (either consciously or sub-consciously) do the best work we can do. The day is filled with banter, laughter and lots of talking (when permitted), and in between all of this we keep our section tidy and the floor swept clean. If it’s a great day, we generally don’t have time to stop and eat or sit…. On the flip side, if it’s not a great day, we only seem to sit and eat! At the end of the day after the last client has left, we’ll have a beer, clean the shop and cash up.


What challenges and difficulties do you face from day to day? Tell us what things make you want to pull your hair out!

I’m bald! Hahahaha! I face many challenges each day. Be it dealing with clients or staff, there is a new problem every day. It’s all a part of running a business and ensuring our standards are kept high. For me, my barbers are my main priority and I constantly work on how I can improve their employment while maintaining a professional and profitable business.

Ken Biddle at Barnet Fair barber shop

What gives you the greatest on-the-job satisfaction? What’s the best part of your job?

Personally, the best part for me is the relationships I create with certain clients. While cutting their hair is such a pleasure, they have the utmost trust in everything I do. They know I am a professional and genuinely just enjoy their time in my chair. It’s a great connection to have with someone.


Why do you believe customers continually return to your shop?

Customers will continually return because of the professionalism of the barbers in the shop. The only reason a client will ever return is because he had a good experience and enjoyed a service that left him feeling more confident.


What character traits must you display to make it through each customer-facing day and be successful at what you do?

Patience is key. Then you genuinely need to be service-oriented and have a professional manner.


What advice would you give to aspiring barbers?

Never stop educating yourself. Do your homework on the courses available before you commit, as some are very expensive and leave you with little in return. Above everything else, just have fun!


Share one of your most memorable experiences.

My first shave left me wanting to slit his throat! Hahahaha! So… it was my first day in the shop and a guy came in for a hot towel shave, but he was in a hurry for a meeting so I needed to be quick! Shortly after the hot towel came off, he got very edgy saying that lying down was hurting his back so I tried to adjust his position but I was reminded that he was in a hurry so to just “get on with it”, then at one point he told me to just shave and leave the lather (he was in construction and can take it but I needed to hurry). Before we were halfway through, he was complaining about his back hurting again and “what am I doing!? Is this meant to be a dry shave!?” Eventually one of the other more experienced barbers stepped in and took over. Then he was fine, his back no longer ached, he wasn’t in a hurry anymore and had a pleasant shave. I felt terrible and after he left, the other barbers said they couldn’t understand why he had given me such a hard time as I had done nothing wrong. I just put it down to perhaps he wasn’t comfortable with me from the start and didn’t enjoy my company.

Ken Biddle at Barnet Fair barber shop

Have barber shops evolved to attract a younger market? How?

Yes, definitely. Barber shops are a lot more attractive nowadays. We all just want a cool place to hang out. Each shop is unique and catered to the modern man.


In your opinion, do you think that the younger generation is becoming more or less style-conscious? Why?

Certainly more style-conscious. Guys in general are more fussed over their hair. With the increased popularity in male grooming, I can only see the younger generation being more conscious about how they look.


How has social media transformed your business?

It has helped with the growth of the industry and business. We are more in touch with our clients and target market. I would say the greatest advantage of social media has been to capture an international audience and arrange education from amazing stylists who we would have never even known about.


How do you decide which products to stock, use in treatments, and affiliate your business with?

We’re constantly presented with new products on the market so we only stick to salon-quality products. As part of our selection process, we trial and test samples and decide very quickly if we want to stock the product based on its ease of application, end results and ability to sell. The London Grooming Company products passed our tests so we use it in our treatments and sell it on site. I’m a huge fan of The London Grooming Company aftershave balm and skin moisturiser, as well as The London Grooming argan oil beard conditioner which softens the hair.


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CELEBRATE FATHER’S DAY! Here are 6 pampering treats for your deserving dad

It’s almost time to honour that extra-special first and most important man in your life. Maybe he showed you how to be a real man, or came to your rescue when you were at your most vulnerable, or he’s your ‘baby daddy’ heart-throb. Either way, he’s a father figure who often neglects himself in favour of his family’s needs, as well as a real-life superhero whose hearty smile and big hugs distract from the world he carries on his broad shoulders.

When it comes to pampering treats, naturally, we’d recommend introducing dad to (or stocking up his supply of) our imported London Grooming Company product range. Consider our soothing shave cream, or opt for our shampoo and conditioner made with real Argan oil which will soften coarse bristles and cleanse his beard to prevent irritation. But if he sports sporadic hairs begging to be pulled or deepening frown lines indicative of some much-needed R&R, we’ve compiled a few treatment ideas which offer various combinations of sweet pain and addictive pleasure.


  1. Barber cut and shave

When it comes to the art of manliness, there’s nothing cooler than getting regularly spruced up at a local barber shop – a sacred space without wordless judgement by the opposite sex – and with a general resurgence and prioritisation of male grooming, there’s an old-school barber (with modern edge) near you. Leave your old man in the skilled hands of a professional barber who will use bladed tools and specialist products to restyle his head of hair, meticulously chisel his beard and even work in a relaxing scalp massage. In no time, dad’s image will be bang on trend! We recommend visiting The Barber Shop Aspen or Barnet Fair where London Grooming Company products are used.

Men's haircut in barbershop. Hair Care. Barber cuts the client.


  1. Reflexology

No, it’s not just a simple foot massage. Reflexology, an alternative “ouch”-inspiring therapy to conventional medical treatments, sees a practitioner use her fingers to apply pressure to specific points on the soles of the feet where nerves end, palms of hands and even on the ears. The belief is that their techniques unblock energy pathways so as to relieve aches and pains and support the body’s own ability to heal. If your dad has been complaining about niggly backache and inflammation – or could use a bit of general maintenance – then a quick internet search ought to return several results of qualified reflexologists in your area. Joburg-based Reflexologist, Megs Hendry says her client base consists of men of all ages who reap the drug-free benefits as both a solution and prevention, and enjoy a noticeable reduction in overall stress.

foot reflexology treatment


  1. Threading

Open the windows to dad’s kind soul with threading, an eyebrow-contouring technique that’s gaining increasing popularity. Gone are the days when only the fairer sex invested time in shaping their brows. Now men are going under the cotton thread to banish uni-brows and remove fine stray hairs with utter precision. Walk into The Brow Bar where a skilled therapist will examine your father’s face shape and the state of his brows, and then work her magic. Threading can be slightly painful for first-timers but the ‘after’ effect is undeniably incredible, so he’ll be back for follow-ups for sure!

man's eyebrows threaded


  1. Yoga

This ancient practice which originated in India comes with countless physical, mental and spiritual benefits including improved posture, muscle strength and bone health. Seasoned yogis swear by its ability to “increase the flow of prana” and quite literally make you happier, so if you’re keen on seeing dad bend like a pretzel and go from grumpy to grinning and glowing, drag him off to a yoga studio in your vicinity. Do you stay in Joburg? Book your spots at the monthly 1-hour early morning yoga session at The Fairway Hotel’s spa rooftop in Randburg where professional instructor, Hajira Didat, will help him rediscover flexibility and explore a zen approach to stress management.

man doing yoga pose


  1. Facial peel and laser

It’s said that every person has three faces. A superficial chemical peel to brighten the complexion coupled with laser therapy to minimise broken capillaries will have dad admiring a more youthful face in the mirror, and in turn display loads of confidence in public too. According to Esti Kok, Patient Co-ordinator at the Melrose Aesthetic Centre, men are becoming more and more conscious of ageing gently, and their male clients are not afraid to experiment with the latest and best advances in beauty technology. They see results and they return to consistently strike years off their appearance.


  1. All-in-one pamper session at home

If Sundays are dad’s only mornings to sleep in past 7am, then he’ll be hesitant to abandon his pillow for anything less than a new sports car. Well, with a mobile therapist willing to conveniently set up her massage bed in the comfort of dad’s bedroom, there’s no need to meet his unrealistically high expectations. Mobile therapists arrive with all their own products and equipment, and they offer the complete package from waxing, manicures and pedicures to full-body deep tissue massage. Rea Mafisa, the founder of Ease Mobile Spa, explains that since most salons are geared towards women’s needs, her male clients are very grateful to have all these professional grooming treatments done in the privacy of their own homes.


“Happy Father’s Day” to your dad, from us!! 🙂

man being massaged