The London Grooming Company presents the perfect skincare routine. The 5 part process will leave your skin hydrated and rejuvenated for a youthful and radiant appearance. Here’s how it works: Step 1: Face Wash. With organic aloe vera the London Grooming facial cleanser will clear your skin of surface oil and impurities.

Step 2: Charcoal Face Mask. London Grooming uses a 100% natural charcoal face mask that gets to work deep within the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells, dirt and toxins. As the mask dries toxins and excess oils are drawn out of the skin.

Step 3: Anti-Ageing Eye Repair Gel. London Grooming have enriched this age defying gel with Retinol (Vitamin A, Vitamin C) and hyaluronic acid. This combination fights signs of ageing around the eyes by delivering radiant and firmer skin.

Step 4: Anti-Ageing Skin Serum. This unique serum works hard to reduce pore size and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s lighter than a moisturiser yet delivers its ingredients efficiently into the skin.

Step 5: Hydrating Facial Cream. The London Grooming facial cream has a lightweight formula to lock in all your skin’s natural moisture while also protecting and nourishing. The cream helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin smooth and soft.

The London Grooming Company 5 step skincare process is full of natural ingredients to nourish and protect your skin in gentle formulas that can be used daily. The skincare routine will take you through the vital steps to clear, healthy and hydrated skin for a radiant and youthful look.

WHICH PRODUCTS ARE RIGHT FOR YOU? Here’s a London Grooming Company guide for every hair type

We’ve all been there; assuming an air of nonchalance while perusing the haircare aisle for what seems like hours, adding a few hundred more steps to your Fitbit as you try to figure out which hair products are right for you. Buying the wrong product for your hair type can actually have adverse effects, turning a bad hair day into an entire decade.

At The London Grooming Company, we offer private browsing and queueless shopping in the comfort of your home, away from the judgy eyes of store clerks and customers, and most importantly, our high-quality products are sophisticated, authentic, sulfate-free and made exclusively for the discerning gentleman.

As grooming connoisseurs, we understand how different types of hair react to different products, so before you have an impulsive ‘add to cart’ moment, wade through our expert advice on which London Grooming Company product will suit your hair.



While some may define straight hair as boring and nondescript, your options are unlimited; they’re all just secretly jealous of your linear locks. Almost any type of hair product works for straight hair, depending on the style you choose.


  • Start off on a clean slate by using our tea tree shampoo and conditioner to cleanse your hair of oil and impurities.
  • An excellent way to add volume to your barnet is by aiming a hairdryer at it, in the direction you want to style it. 
  • For a modern combed style with a high-gloss finish, try The London Grooming Company pomade
  • If you prefer a more matte look, use our hair clay which also enhances thickness and definition.
  • Add a mist of hairspray to set your style in place (Yes, you can you use your girlfriend’s bottle).
  • Swap your gel for pomade, as it can be easily restyled and doesn’t cause that cringe-worthy ‘crunch factor’.


  • If your hair is more on the thin side, avoid heavy formulas that may weigh it down.
  • Try a lightweight water-based product instead, like our medium-hold hair creme
  • Use all products sparingly, as too much can cause your hair to look greasy, flat and listless.


The more luxurious of hair textures also tends to be a lot drier. Selecting the correct grooming products will give a dull and tedious mane an ‘Aquaman’ makeover. Jason Mamoa = Ultimate Hair Goals.



  • Using a hairdryer may amplify your natural volume. If you do need to dry your hair in a hurry, add the diffuser attachment, which will minimise frizz.
  • Steer clear of styling aids that dry out your waves, such as gels, clays and hair wax.
  • Don’t use a wide-plate flat iron to straighten short hair, as you may singe your scalp or face. Try a mini flat iron instead and always use a heat protection spray or serum beforehand.



To outsiders, your hair may indicate a carefree, bohemian lifestyle, however, our curly-haired comrades can transform their look from cool to classic or conservative in minutes when equipped with the proper styling products and haircut.


  • Shorter lengths will benefit from using our strong-hold pomade which adds elevation and sleekness.
  • Choose pomade over wax, as the creamier formula preserves your lush curly, texture.
  • Use our hydrating conditioner a few times a week to lock-in moisture and combat dry scalp.
  • The London Grooming Company hair clay will diminish any sign of stubborn strays and maintain a semi-matte finish.
  • Curly hair will benefit from our texturising hair creme which ideally separates strands and adds a natural sheen, while also conditioning your mane.


  • Avoid keeping your hair at the same length. Choose a barber that understands your hair type and gives you a cut that removes excess weight while reserving natural movement.
  • Refrain from vigorously and heavy-handedly rubbing your hair dry with a towel, as this causes hair breakage. Gently pat it dry with an old cotton t-shirt instead. This protects curly hair from damaging dryness.
  • Say farewell to gels and waxes and use sea salt spray as an alternative. This allows curls to hold their natural shape without that hard, inflexible texture. A few spritzes on damp hair will have you channelling your inner Jon Snow.


Now that you’ve got the right grooming products and tools for your hair type, it’s time to simply comb, apply, style and conquer!

HEY LADIES! Get the best out of your man’s grooming products

Behind every stylishly groomed man, is his equally (if not more) stylish female counterpart. While the fairer sex may prefer using a rose or vanilla scented moisturiser, there’s nothing wrong with helping yourself to some of your husband’s or boyfriend’s grooming products when you’ve reached the very end of your overly priced ‘miracle’ jar of youth-enhancing fluid. Women are unfortunately subjected to pink tax, and often pay more than men for the same self-care products.

In honour of Women’s Month, we at The London Grooming Company have very generously opened our bathroom cabinets to our better halves. So ladies, if you find yourself in a fix – without any of your personal beauty favourites – or if you want the same high-quality creams and cosmetics for less, here’s how you can take advantage of men’s grooming products.



Hide those unhinged fly-aways and stubborn stray hairs with men’s pomade. Skip the steely and inflexible crust caused by hairsprays, and slick a pearl of The London Grooming Company strong-hold pomade through your locks to create a glossy finish that’s easily malleable and soft to the touch. Leaving no greasy residue, it’s also water-soluble and easy to rinse out.


Girly packaging, quirky fonts, cute logos and feminine taglines come at their own separate cost. Trade your Barbie-pink razor for a more masculine and sharper-angled men’s version. Not only will you save money for more important things – like Fenty highlighter – but you will also get the closest shave and legs smoother than a Victoria’s Secret model.


Running low on your hyaluronic acid-enriched moisturiser or argan face oil? There’s no need to panic and make a last minute dash for the cosmetics store in your pyjamas. Instead, smooth some of your significant other’s beard oil onto your face. This gentle formula deeply nourishes your skin and moisturises skin cells. In fact, you will probably enjoy its luxurious silky effect so much, that you won’t ever want to buy your formerly loved and far too costly face cream again. Smelling like your boyfriend/husband is just an added bonus.



Achieve that sultry, rolled-out-of-bed look with The London Grooming Company sea salt spray designed to give your tresses sexy, voluminous waves, without drying it out. Spritz sea salt spray on different sections of damp hair, then lightly twist or scrunch your hair around your fingers. This helps the curling process and turns lethargic locks into alluring, beachy waves.



A good-quality primer from a luxury beauty brand can set you back at least R500. Using a men’s aftershave balm will do the same job – more economically. Our lightweight aftershave balm and skin moisturiser is perfect for priming your skin before applying foundation and creates a smooth, matte finish that keeps your base on and your skin oil-free. The heady oud wood scent will also add an element of sensuality.


Now that you’ve been briefed on the ultimate guide to using (or stealing) your man’s grooming kit, you won’t ever be left with dry skin or out-of-place tresses.

On a side note: If your boyfriend gets suspicious about his rapidly-depleting products, you can always convince him to buy two of each 😉


ANGUISHED BY INGROWN HAIRS? Here are six ways to avoid them

We all remember our very first shave. That exhilarating feeling of finally becoming a man after spotting three stray hairs on your upper lip, and the rite of passage; painfully nicking yourself and having to walk around with a band-aid on your face for the next week.


Everyone advises you on the best razor to buy, how to stealthily cover up cuts, and which aftershave will prevent you from having a ‘Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone‘ moment. However, it seems that the one thing you have to agonisingly find out about on your own is ingrown hairs. Those provoking little pimples of anguish that cause your once porcelain-like prepubescent skin to become red, inflamed and bumpy. Ingrown hairs are essentially coarser hairs that have been trapped under the skin, causing it to coil and grow sideways and not upwards and out. Having naturally curly hair will make you even more susceptible to clogged follicles.



Sadly, you can’t outgrow ingrown hairs; it’s pretty much a reoccurring condition that’s a side effect of shaving, waxing and using depilatory creams. Fortunately for you, our honorary gentlemen’s code obliges us to share our tried-and-tested tips on how you can get rid of (and avoid) those irksome ingrown hairs.



You know that rust-inflicted R20 disposable razor that’s been in your bathroom cabinet for four months? Throw it out. Immediately!

Look for a high-quality multi-blade cartridge razor or a safety razor (if you prefer things old school).

Keep your look sharp by replacing the cartridge every 25-30 shaves. Worn-down blades lead to a duller shave and razor bumps which present the ideal conditions for ingrown hairs to form.



Heat up a towel and wrap it around your face at least ten minutes prior to shaving. Besides being cosy on winter mornings, this helps soften up your skin, making clogged hairs easier to emancipate. Shaving directly after you shower will have the same effect.


Exfoliating beads cleanse away grime, sweat and oil that keep ingrown hairs trapped. Gently rub a R2-coin-sized amount of face scrub in circular motions around your face prior to shaving, as well as a few days after. This will prevent newly-sprouting hairs from becoming snared underneath the skin. This relaxing, mini-massage will also expel dead skin cells that clog up your hair follicles.


A thick, creamy layer of high-quality shaving cream softens your hair, moisturises the skin and allows your razor to glide easily across your face with minimal friction.

We recommend The London Grooming Company shave cream which is ideal for sensitive-skinned blokes.


Your post-shave routine is equally important to maintain smooth, bump-free skin. Slather on a moisturising post-shave product like The London Grooming Company aftershave balm which is known for its soothing and hydrating properties. It heals the skin, lulls irritation and prevents bacterial infections.




Constantly shaving over irritated skin that’s plagued by ingrown hairs causes more inflammation and can lead to skin infections. Consider taking a short (or permanent) break from shaving and grow out a beard. Not only are they trendy, but a well-coiffed beard adds to your unique charm, look and character. It will also save you from razor burn and free up your bathroom time for more important things like browsing the latest issue of Swimsuit Illustrated and reading blog posts on men’s grooming tips

SOCCER STAR INSPIRATION – Coolest and weirdest hairstyles spotted at the FIFA World Cup 2018

Every four years when the FIFA World Cup comes around, the soccer stars of this sporting spectacular do more than thrill fans with their exceptional dribbling skills. As role models for men and boys the world over, they inspire hairstyle trends which are ardently emulated. And while some of these professional footballers enthuse with refreshing and unique cuts that add to their iconic ‘stud status’, there are those who deliberately steal attention away from the ball with whacky (and often bizarre) patterned mops and crops.


Over the next few weeks, be prepared to see these soccer players’ hairstyles take to the streets:

Neymar Jr

26-year-old Brazilian, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior’s hairdo has evolved over the years since he first began his professional career in 2009. Having gone from a sleek and straight sideways sweep to an all-natural mane, one thing seems consistent; Neymar Jr maintains an almost clean-shaven look all around, with a contrasting full head of hair basking at the top. In Russia this year, the rising star seemed to rival the sun and match his national kit with a yellow-gold bouquet of curls. While this bold step may clash with his skin tone, somehow he dares to make it work for his image. Before you rush off to copy Neymar’s bleach-blonde look, do your homework on the types of hair dyes available and the harmless effects of chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. To give a healthy high shine to colour-treated hair and keep every strand in place, try The London Grooming Company pomade which is humidity-resistant and washes easily without leaving any oily residue.

Neymar Junior


Paul Pogba

Lending his fancy footwork to the Manchester United team, French national Paul Pogba is well known for his funky hairstyles; usually blonde with and an added bit of drama in the form of zig-zags and curves, waves and lightning-bolt streaks chiselled into the side. Watch this video of Pogba in Russia with his “A-star” barber who flew in from London to attend to the player’s hair. If you decide to introduce a bit of playful Pogba flair into your look, work a small amount of The London Grooming Company crème into wet or dry hair to achieve pliable hold and definition.

 Paul Pogba

Diego Laxalt

Here’s a man who seems attached to his mid-length braids. A rising star on the Uruguayan team, this left-footed midfielder rarely strays from his statement style and he didn’t bother to wow world cup spectators with any variety either, probably because he prefers the convenience of having his hair out of his face while playing and relishes in its comforting trail as he whizzes across the field. While braiding your hair may help to protect it against damage, it’s equally important to keep your scalp healthy so that roots remain healthy and well-nourished. To wash, dilute a dollop of The London Grooming Company tea tree shampoo with water and gently massage it into the scalp. This method will improve blood circulation, reduce frizz and keep itchiness at bay.

Diego Laxalt


Ramin Rezaeian

Tall, dark and handsome – a cliché but true, according to our fairer counterparts. This Iranian idol couples strong dribbling skills with an adventurous style sense to win support – and hearts! Throughout his career, Rezaeian’s 1.85m tall athletic frame has flaunted an assortment of hairdos, from mid-length wisps to his coolest; a Mohawk-resembling style with the sides shaven down to a number one and a small beard, which together complements his striking profile. To achieve similar depth, movement and fullness, use The London Grooming Company clay which contains thickening agents to create a matt, texturised effect and volume for finer hair.

Ramin Rezaeian



Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no accounting for taste.  Superstars idolised by millions across the globe can get away with whacky hairdos, but for us ordinary blokes, there’s a lot more to consider. After all, we still have to earn simple salaries inside dull boardrooms and stiff conference centres. But hey, if you’re a die-hard fan and you’d like to follow in the snips and colour trails of your hero, then go for it! Just don’t expect copying a footballer’s personal style to have any magical effect on your own on-field antics.


URBAN EXPLORER or UNDERGRADUATE? Fashion tips to suit your personal style – and beard!

A well-groomed beard and a fashionable wardrobe go together like a moustache and Tom Selleck. It’s just impossible to imagine one without the other. A beard is essentially an extension of who you are and reflects your personal taste. Dressing to complement the style of your beard will further elevate your status as a sophisticated and dapper man-about-town.

Not sure where to start?

We’ve categorised a few fashion genres to suit your beard, but will also champion your age and personality.


The Collegiate

Beard type: Short stubble

Typically found: Vaping in the quad, on the sports field or trying to impress girls at parties.

Style essentials: A few basic t-shirts, joggers, skinny jeans, hoodies and sneakers.

Having a student loan may not leave you with much cash to spare, but you can still dress up your stubble in a number of stylish ways by mixing pieces of clothing you already own.

Our fashion tips:

  • Team a varsity jacket with a simple white t-shirt and joggers.
  • Layer your denim jacket over a hoodie and tee.
  • Wear a striped sweater over a collared shirt with khaki chinos and loafers.
  • An oversized t-shirt pairs well with distressed denim and Chelsea boots.
  • Roll up the sleeves of your denim shirt for that casual vibe.
  • Try an all-black outfit comprising a classic biker jacket, t-shirt and jeans.
  • Dress up your t-shirts or high-neck sweaters with a slim-fit blazer, chinos and sneakers.

Keep your designer stubble looking sharp with The London Grooming Company shave creme

The Professor

Beard type: Short to medium perfectly-groomed circle beard.

Typically found: Sipping espresso in a bookshop, surrounded by an air of mystery.

Style essentials: Tailored blazers, ties, waistcoats, chunky jerseys, waistcoats and brogues.

Procure the university professor look by enhancing your wardrobe with classic pieces in rich textures like knits, tweed and corduroy.

Our fashion tips:

  • Pair a cable-knit sweater with a shirt and tie, tweed blazer and grey flannels.
  • Button up your cardigan over a shirt and tie, with corduroys.
  • Accessorise your look with brown or tan leather accents like a belt, watch, satchel and brogues.
  • Layer your outfit in neutral tones of grey, beige or brown.
  • Put on a patterned or brighter-hued tie for a pop of colour.
  • A longer-length camel overcoat adds an air of refinement to any outfit.
  • Toss a woollen scarf around your neck for that classic Ivy League appeal.

Don’t forget to keep your facial hair sleek with The London Grooming Company beard oil


The Urban Explorer

Beard type: Long, luxurious and fully-grown.

Typically found: Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, listening to vinyl and taking polaroids.

Style essentials: A cosy knitted beanie, plaid, plaid, and more plaid, oversized cardigans, combat boots and a leather (vegan) backpack.

Brave enough to wear glasses ironically and ride a penny farthing to work, the urban explorer is a hipster with much more swag.


Our fashion tips:

  • A pair of vintage-inspired suspenders is trendy and functional.
  • Wear them with a simple crew-neck tee and rolled-up trousers.
  • Chunky patterned jerseys add intrigue. Pair them with combat pants.
  • Don a puffer jacket or vest over a chequered flannel shirt with jeans.
  • A shearling-lined jacket with oversized collars flatters longer beards.
  • Layer an open plaid shirt over a buttoned-up denim one.
  • Tie a plaid shirt around your waist and pair with a quirky screen-printed top.

Use your beard as the ultimate accessory and nourish it with our beard moisturiser

The Sophisticated Santa

Beard type: A lofty silver or white mane.

Typically found: In front of a fireplace in the North Pole or at mens’ fashion week in Milan.

Style essentials: Stylish coats, three-piece suits, hats and pocket squares.

Just because your hair has turned grey, doesn’t mean you should take to wearing pyjama suits all day. ‘Grandpa style’ has become increasingly popular with many voguish veterans taking social media by storm with their updated, yet classic style. Take Alessandro Manfredini for example; his suave and iconic silver beard has not only set the style precedent for older men, but has also inspired younger gentlemen with its noble masculinity.


Our fashion tips:

  • Be audacious in a fully printed three-piece suit. You have nothing to lose.
  • Pair an elegant linen suit with a floral shirt, sans tie.
  • Instantly attract attention with a vibrant pocket square.
  • Top off your dapper look with a chic fedora.
  • Experiment with pocket chains and watches.
  • Add a bow-tie for that quirk factor.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a simple, well-fitted shirt and tie.
  • Complete your look with suede loafers.

Maintain your grizzled whiskers with The London Grooming Company beard shampoo and conditioner


Which style category would you like to try?

ADVICE FROM BARBER, KEN BIDDLE to improve self-care and choose a long-term barber

There’s a lot of trust involved when it comes to sitting down in an unknown barber’s chair and literally leaving your image in the hands of someone strange whose skill hasn’t been tried or tested first-hand. But trust is earned and you’ll never know what wonders he can work if you don’t say a silent prayer, have faith in his ability (because, well, he still has a job) and then leave the rest up to fate. We spoke to expert barber, Ken Biddle at Barnet Fair barber shop who shared self-care advice and insight into how to find the right barber for you!Ken Biddle at Barnet Fair barber shop

In your opinion, why should every man have their grooming done in a barber shop?

Barbers train in men’s hair only. When you go through hairdresser school, men’s hair is a short module. Hairdressers are not trained in shaving and most of the time, they don’t view men’s hair as a priority because the money is in “ladies services” – not really the truth! Barber shops have increased in popularity. These are places where you can visit and expect to be welcomed, and feel comfortable. There are no Fair Lady or Garden and Home magazines. We serve whiskey and beer, talk trash, listen to music and have a good time.


What advice would you give to men who are searching for the ideal long-term barber/client match?

Look for someone who you feel you’d like to spend time with, and during your service get chatting to find your similarities. If you’ve visited any of our branches, then you know you are in professional hands so don’t try to guide us through your cut because you will just ruin it for yourself. If you get stuck on what to talk about then ask us about hair (we love talking about hair!), then just let the conversation flow. Soon it will move on to sport, movies, games, beer… We are all different.


What are the tell-tale signs of an experienced barber?

They are in complete control at all times; control of the service, the conversation, the pace at which they deliver the service. They will remember conversations from previous services, most patrons’ names and things they talked about. You can see that they are just having a good time. Also, they are always booked, always busy.


In your opinion, why is a professional barbers’ service worth the price?

Professional barbers invest in professional equipment, ongoing education and we are technically skilled to do the right haircut to suit that particular person.

barber tools and equipment

What are the current styling trends? In your opinion, should clients follow trends or not, and why?

At the moment, the current trends still lean on skin fades and cropped fringes. I think it’s good to follow trends. At first, they challenge your confidence but ultimately build character.


What styling trends can we expect to see in 2019?

We will see an emergence of the modern MOD cut. They will be a medium to long cut with softer ends and hopefully, a flair of personalised creativity.


What personal-care product should every man use at home?

Without a doubt, every man should use some kind of skin moisturiser and an aftershave like The London Grooming Company aftershave balm and skin moisturiser

man applying moisturiser

What skincare and beard-care advice do you recommend to your clients?

Use a hairdryer to rough-dry the skin after every wash. Trapped water will dehydrate the skin and cause itching and flaking. Apart from a quality beard moisturiser, don’t over-do it with beard products.


What’s the one golden technical shaving/styling tip that you want your clients to know and practice?

When it comes to styling, every guy should learn to use a hairdryer and the correct way to apply styling products. With shaving, always used a pre-shave product to provide a protective layer between the skin and the blade. I use The London Grooming Company beard conditioner as it softens the hair.

Barber blow-drying man's hair

In your opinion, what are some of the most common personal grooming mistakes men make? What should they do instead?

They don’t apply products correctly and therefore use too much product. Look out for The London Grooming Company guide to styling (coming soon).


Which products from The London Grooming Company range do you use and recommend, and why?

I use the beard shampoo and conditioner as well as the aftershave balm and skin moisturiser. Since I’m a bald, bearded man, these are my ideal products. I will recommend these to all guys, and when it comes to hair products, it really depends on the hair type and desired look that the client wants. I used to favour the pomade but to be honest they are all great if used correctly.


Why should a man sport a beard? What does it say about him?

Hahahaha! Having a beard is great but it’s not a lazy man’s game. Beards require a lot of maintenance even to keep them looking like it’s just a rough-up and go. A beard will show a man has patience and determination, that he is not lazy, and that he has excellent table manners.


For more information about Barnet Fair, visit www.barnetfair.co.za or email coolbarbers@gmail.com

Remember to ‘like’ Barnet Fair on Facebook and check out Barnet Fair barber shop on Instagram.

GET PICTURE PERFECT SKIN – without using a filter

Photo-perfecting technology allows us to have a poreless complexion, hides any under-eye evidence of a wild night out and gives us smooth, acne-free skin when we conveniently forget to use a cleanser. Instagram, Snapchat, Photoshop and a multitude of face-altering apps may provide you with skin worthy of a Clearasil commercial, however, when the filters fade and the camera blurs, the thought of facing the real world with blemished and pimple-prone skin can diminish one’s self-confidence.

So put back your girlfriend’s concealer kit – there’s no need to resort to drastic measures. We’ve got you covered with a fool proof, fuss-free plan to bring your skin back from the edge of an oil slick, banish blemishes and create that all-natural ‘Mayfair’ filter.


Cleanse. Cleanse. Cleanse.

The first step to smooth skin is using a good facial cleanser, morning and night. As easy as it may seem to use a common bar of soap to wash off the day’s debris, it can strip your skin of natural oils and cause dryness and irritation. Do this step before you shave, as a coating of oil and grime on your face can hinder the quality of your shave by making it difficult for your razor to reach the surface of your skin. There are numerous cleansers targeted towards men’s needs, which can be found in the cosmetics aisle of your local supermarket or pharmacy. Choose between a face wash for sensitive, oily or normal skin.


Use Shaving Cream to Prevent Cuts

There’s nothing worse than the prickling feeling of nicking your skin while shaving. Spare yourself the pain, plasters and inconvenience by using a shaving cream that softens your skin and lays out a supple canvas for a perfectly smooth shave. We recommend The London Grooming Company shave cream, elegantly packaged in a chic black tin that’s also easy to travel with. It’s velvety, whipped formula creates a creamy lather and is suited for gentlemen with sensitive skin too.


Don’t Forget the Aftershave Balm and Moisturiser



Not just applied for its sexy masculine scent, aftershave has a far greater purpose than attracting the ladies. Aftershave balm is an essential step following shaving, as it soothes chaffed skin and contains antiseptic ingredients that prevent infections caused by those pesky, previously-mentioned cuts. Our daily shave isn’t complete without The London Grooming Company aftershave balm and skin moisturiser with its alluring woody oud scent and cooling formula that assists in the rejuvenation of your skin. What makes this salve even more versatile, is its built-in moisturiser. This saves you the hassle of adding yet another product to your skincare routine. The hydrating properties of the aftershave balm – which includes nourishing hemp oil – alleviates razor burn and bumps, prevents ingrown hairs and locks in moisture.


Banish those Blackheads


You’ve been avoiding it, but it’s time to address those unsightly tiny, black bumps on your nose. While blackheads seem to have leased out a lifetime’s stay on your nose, chin or forehead, there’s an easy way to evict them. If you shy away from booking facial extractions at a salon, why not try a purifying charcoal mask or nose strip. These inexpensive, fast-acting strips are glued onto the affected area using water and within ten minutes, you can satisfyingly peel it away, as it painlessly removes most of the blackheads. Maintain your smooth nose by making a paste with two teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda (found in the baking aisle) with a splash of water and gently exfoliate the area once a week to keep it bump-free – permanently!


Eliminate Acne… for Good

Unlike awkward school dances and maths tests, some things – unfortunately – don’t stay in your teen years. Acne can creep up on you in adulthood (usually the night before an important work presentation) due to stress and unhealthy eating, excess oil production and using chemically-laden face products. Combat the occasional pimple by using a mild over-the-counter ointment that contains benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or retinoid. If your acne has declared full-on cystic war, it would be beneficial to visit a dermatologist who may prescribe antibiotics or something stronger like Roaccutane, which comprises isotretinoin.


Iron Out the Wrinkles

There’s nothing more dashing or sophisticated than a few well-earned wrinkles as we grow older – just ask George Clooney for a reference! However, to prevent these fine lines from becoming craggy trenches, use an anti-wrinkle cream that features retinol. Hold off on the smoking as it restricts the production of collagen and elastin, the natural proteins that keep you looking 26, when your ID says Gen X. If the thought of Botox makes you cringe, try facial yoga or gently massage your skin in circular motions using your middle and index fingers.


Swap Soda for Water

We know… giving up that sweet, fizzy goodness for a fresh glass of H20 isn’t ideal, but the results are equivalent to a ‘Valencia’ tint. Drinking eight glasses of water per day will hydrate your skin from the inside, make your skin look refreshed, and helps flush out acne-causing toxins. Since it isn’t easy to change your daily drinking habits, apps like Drink Water and Hydro Coach will remind you to quench your thirst throughout the day.


Slather on the Sunscreen

A summer tan may have you looking like a bronzed Adonis, however, those toasty rays cause damage that goes far beyond the skin’s surface. The sun’s harmful UV rays cause free radical damage to your skin resulting in inflammation and subsequently; acne. These intense beams also darken previous blemishes and acne scars you may have, and singe chances of collagen and elastin production. What we’re really trying to say here is: “Wear sunscreen. Every. Single. Day.”


Now that you have our simple and doable #nofilter skincare routine pinned down, within a few months, you will begin to notice your skin looking brighter, clearer and more supple. The minimal effort is worth the results and the ultimate confidence booster; you will probably never have to use a selfie filter again! Probably…

DRY WINTER SCALP? Here’s how tea tree oil will save you from being snowed under

The chilly season is upon us and with these long, cosy nights, hot chocolate indulgences and dashing winter coats, we’re also sadly served a side of dry skin and flaky scalp. Central heating systems in office buildings further exacerbate the situation, leaving your skin parched and irritable. While your regular shampoo may have worked perfectly well during the warmer, humid months, in winter, it’s time to amp up the moisture and scalp-care with the help of antibacterial wonder-fluid; tea tree oil.

The native Australian plant was used as a healing balsam for centuries by Aboriginal inhabitants, and English explorer Captain James Cook brewed it as a tea upon his discovery of the country in the 1770s. We all know how much the British love their tea, but we can’t imagine any pleasure being derived from this medicinal version. In 1923, chemist Dr A.R. Penfold’s studies declared the antiseptic oil thirteen times stronger than carbolic acid, while during World War II, Australian soldiers were treated with the anti-fungal emollient during an outbreak of what’s more commonly known now as Athlete’s Foot. Whether you’re drinking it, disinfecting your gym socks or using it as homemade deodorant, tea tree extract has a multitude of uses with hair- and scalp-care being one of the most prominent.


Here’s why you should be adding this golden elixir to your winter hair-care routine:

Tea tree vs dandruff

There’s nothing worse than wearing your favourite black tweed coat to work, only to find that it’s covered in a snowstorm of unsightly white flakes by the time you get there. A dry scalp condition is further aggravated when temperatures drop. Trying to warm up in the shower on 10-degree mornings with scorching hot water worsens the Sahara-like surface of your scalp. We recommend The London Grooming Company tea tree shampoo which has anti-fungal properties that repress the bacteria associated with dandruff, and also nourishes your scalp without drying it out.

Tea tree vs itchy scalp

A cosy woollen hat may hide a bad hair day, but it can’t conceal the discomfort and itchy, inflamed skin underneath. Skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis singe the delicate scalp area to what can feel like a third-degree burn. Itching can be alleviated by adding a nourishing, antiseptic tea-tree-infused product to your daily hair-washing routine. Our London Grooming tea tree conditioner is an invigorating salve that gently pacifies irritated and sensitive scalps. The addition of menthol to this soothing formula lends a revitalising touch, giving you that fresh, just-showered feeling for the entire day.

Tea tree vs thinning hair


It’s often found that dandruff and itchy scalp ailments can lead to hair loss. Constant scratching doesn’t help either. Dandruff causes blocked pores which can clog hair follicles, preventing them from sprouting new hairs. Instead of drastically opting for a meme-worthy hairpiece or investing in a new cap collection, there are other ways to go from follicularly-challenged to a full mane. 

Tea tree oil is known to terminate all microbes which inhibit hair growth, so encourage new hair development by massaging 3-4 drops of essential tea tree oil (diluted with 1-2 tablespoons of olive or coconut oil) in circular motions into your scalp. Allow it to sink in for 30 minutes while you scroll through your social media, then rinse out using The London Grooming Company tea tree shampoo which is proven to unclog hair follicles. Add a dollop of moisturising tea tree conditioner and you’re on your way to healthy, luscious hair.

Tea tree vs product build-up

As our hair tends to feel more dehydrated during winter months, we’re inclined to add more product than usual to rehydrate lifeless and brittle strands. While it may be a temporary fix, the build-up of creams, clays, gels, mousses and sprays amass a film of residue around your scalp, preventing water and other nutrients from reaching the skin. Clarify your hair with tea tree shampoo to easily get rid of greasy build-up and cleanse your scalp of any silicone accumulation.

Our tea tree hair care products are also ideal for scalps sensitive to sulphates and chemicals found in generic shampoos and conditioners.

So dust off those flakes, remove that hat and confidently run your hands through healthy and dandruff-free hair this winter. Trust us, your dry cleaner will thank you.

CELEBRATE FATHER’S DAY! Here are 6 pampering treats for your deserving dad

It’s almost time to honour that extra-special first and most important man in your life. Maybe he showed you how to be a real man, or came to your rescue when you were at your most vulnerable, or he’s your ‘baby daddy’ heart-throb. Either way, he’s a father figure who often neglects himself in favour of his family’s needs, as well as a real-life superhero whose hearty smile and big hugs distract from the world he carries on his broad shoulders.

When it comes to pampering treats, naturally, we’d recommend introducing dad to (or stocking up his supply of) our imported London Grooming Company product range. Consider our soothing shave cream, or opt for our shampoo and conditioner made with real Argan oil which will soften coarse bristles and cleanse his beard to prevent irritation. But if he sports sporadic hairs begging to be pulled or deepening frown lines indicative of some much-needed R&R, we’ve compiled a few treatment ideas which offer various combinations of sweet pain and addictive pleasure.


  1. Barber cut and shave

When it comes to the art of manliness, there’s nothing cooler than getting regularly spruced up at a local barber shop – a sacred space without wordless judgement by the opposite sex – and with a general resurgence and prioritisation of male grooming, there’s an old-school barber (with modern edge) near you. Leave your old man in the skilled hands of a professional barber who will use bladed tools and specialist products to restyle his head of hair, meticulously chisel his beard and even work in a relaxing scalp massage. In no time, dad’s image will be bang on trend! We recommend visiting The Barber Shop Aspen or Barnet Fair where London Grooming Company products are used.

Men's haircut in barbershop. Hair Care. Barber cuts the client.


  1. Reflexology

No, it’s not just a simple foot massage. Reflexology, an alternative “ouch”-inspiring therapy to conventional medical treatments, sees a practitioner use her fingers to apply pressure to specific points on the soles of the feet where nerves end, palms of hands and even on the ears. The belief is that their techniques unblock energy pathways so as to relieve aches and pains and support the body’s own ability to heal. If your dad has been complaining about niggly backache and inflammation – or could use a bit of general maintenance – then a quick internet search ought to return several results of qualified reflexologists in your area. Joburg-based Reflexologist, Megs Hendry says her client base consists of men of all ages who reap the drug-free benefits as both a solution and prevention, and enjoy a noticeable reduction in overall stress.

foot reflexology treatment


  1. Threading

Open the windows to dad’s kind soul with threading, an eyebrow-contouring technique that’s gaining increasing popularity. Gone are the days when only the fairer sex invested time in shaping their brows. Now men are going under the cotton thread to banish uni-brows and remove fine stray hairs with utter precision. Walk into The Brow Bar where a skilled therapist will examine your father’s face shape and the state of his brows, and then work her magic. Threading can be slightly painful for first-timers but the ‘after’ effect is undeniably incredible, so he’ll be back for follow-ups for sure!

man's eyebrows threaded


  1. Yoga

This ancient practice which originated in India comes with countless physical, mental and spiritual benefits including improved posture, muscle strength and bone health. Seasoned yogis swear by its ability to “increase the flow of prana” and quite literally make you happier, so if you’re keen on seeing dad bend like a pretzel and go from grumpy to grinning and glowing, drag him off to a yoga studio in your vicinity. Do you stay in Joburg? Book your spots at the monthly 1-hour early morning yoga session at The Fairway Hotel’s spa rooftop in Randburg where professional instructor, Hajira Didat, will help him rediscover flexibility and explore a zen approach to stress management.

man doing yoga pose


  1. Facial peel and laser

It’s said that every person has three faces. A superficial chemical peel to brighten the complexion coupled with laser therapy to minimise broken capillaries will have dad admiring a more youthful face in the mirror, and in turn display loads of confidence in public too. According to Esti Kok, Patient Co-ordinator at the Melrose Aesthetic Centre, men are becoming more and more conscious of ageing gently, and their male clients are not afraid to experiment with the latest and best advances in beauty technology. They see results and they return to consistently strike years off their appearance.


  1. All-in-one pamper session at home

If Sundays are dad’s only mornings to sleep in past 7am, then he’ll be hesitant to abandon his pillow for anything less than a new sports car. Well, with a mobile therapist willing to conveniently set up her massage bed in the comfort of dad’s bedroom, there’s no need to meet his unrealistically high expectations. Mobile therapists arrive with all their own products and equipment, and they offer the complete package from waxing, manicures and pedicures to full-body deep tissue massage. Rea Mafisa, the founder of Ease Mobile Spa, explains that since most salons are geared towards women’s needs, her male clients are very grateful to have all these professional grooming treatments done in the privacy of their own homes.


“Happy Father’s Day” to your dad, from us!! 🙂

man being massaged