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Beards have come a long way since historical times, where they were imperiously worn as a piece of armour to intimidate enemies. They were also, most conveniently, used for warmth and protection against harsh weather conditions. Those lengthy facial fleeces adorned by 8th-11th-century Vikings were much more than the fashion statement they are today. Hipsters may currently hold the style rights to suave and manly beards, however, we can thank the Vikings for originating this wildly popular trend more than a thousand years ago.

viking beard

Contrary to what you may have heard about these swashbuckling Scandinavian warriors, Vikings were known to be very well kept with a penchant for good hygiene. Grooming was an essential part of their routines, and archaeologists have even discovered combs made from bone and tweezers among their ancient remains. These tools were used to neaten, clean and untangle their hair and beards.

While our Viking ancestors preferred to wear their bristles in a more dishevelled, dragged-through-the-war kind of way, the millennial gentlemen prefers his look far more ‘tailored’. The original hipsters were also fascinated by blonde hair and it became a common practice for them to bleach their tresses and beards using soap with a high potash (potassium-enriched) concentrate. These days, beards are primped and trimmed, braided, dyed or ironed, and on rare occasions, are (regrettably) covered in glitter.

viking beard

Well, with great beards, comes great responsibility. Once you’ve accepted the significant role of ornamenting your appearance with the beguilement of a beard, it will require some care and upkeep. Your beard is an extension of who you are and one of the first things people see when they come into contact with you. It’s safe to say that a well-groomed man-mane is appealing to look at, whether you’re trying to impress the fairer sex or charm your way to the front of the coffee queue. Beards definitely have their perks.

When it comes to beard care, we’re fortunate enough not to be limited to old Norse soap made from sheep’s milk or ash and animal fat. Modern men are spoilt for choice with an array of beard-grooming products made from natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. Our best recommendation are beard oils, made with 100% essential natural oils. They’ve been trending for a while now and once you try it, it’s easy to understand why. This golden elixir deeply moisturises and hydrates your skin and softens beard hair. Adding a clear, grease-free sheen to your designer stubble, beard oil is instrumental in combatting dry flaky skin and facial dandruff. Yes, it’s a thing.

viking beard

The texture of your facial hair vastly differs from the hair on your head, and it should be treated that way. Using conventional conditioners or hair products could cause irritation and greasiness, whereas beard oil soothes sensitive skin and penetrates the surface of your epidermis to unclog acne-causing pores.

The London Grooming Company’s beard oil goes one step further by adding the intoxicating, musky scent of Oud Wood which subtly fragrances your mane and lasts throughout the day. Harnessing the gentle and soothing power of pure hemp oil, London Grooming Company’s beard oil moisturises skin cells and softens those stubborn quills your girlfriend complains about. The best part? It’s easy to use and will only take up a minute of your day.

To use: 

  1. Start by placing two drops of beard oil into the palms of your hands.

  2. Rub your hands together and then massage oil into the skin.

  3. Use gentle circular motions to ensure the hair is adequately coated.



Great, right? Just a few simple steps to a dapper beard that will have you looking like a Norse God! We highly doubt that Chris Hemsworth would’ve made a convincing Thor with a clean-shaven face…

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