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BAD HAIR DAY? Embrace a laid back ‘messy’ look with sea salt spray

It’s a fallacy that only women experience bad hair days. Guys go through the same unexplainable confidence-crushing horrors when each strand seems to take on a life of its own; they feel extra wire-like or do the exact opposite thing you’re trying to achieve, despite relying on the tried and trusted brands that you’re most accustomed to using every other day.

When you’re experiencing a bad hair day that shoves your usually unshakable “I can conquer the world” attitude straight out of the bathroom window – even though no one else seems to notice (or care) – rather than go into hiding or waste time trying to control each strand with precision, consider making a messy look a deliberate part of your inherent charm.

“HOW???” we hear you ask with desperate undertones. Simple. Just a generous spritz of our London Grooming Company sea salt spray, followed by a rough tousle, promises to leave you styled (or un-styled) like an easy-going, care-free surfer dude who rolled out on the right side of his bed.


Here’s how it works:

The London Grooming Company sea salt spray is a unique cocktail which mimics the humidity effect of coastal weather, tricking your tresses into believing they were splashed around in foamy beach waves and then windswept dry by an ocean breeze. The ingredients pull moisture away from the hair causing the strands to dry, expand and thicken. This creates a fuller, more textured look.

London Grooming Company sea salt spray

How to use it:

  1. Spritz some of the sea salt spray onto clean wet hair as a pre-styler, or spray generously onto dry hair.
  2. Allow hair to dry naturally or blow-dry ten minutes after application.
  3. Mould or hold your desired style by using The London Grooming Company creme or clay for high definition


Need more reasons to add our sea salt spray to your daily routine? 

  • Thickens hair – an instant volumising solution for fine and thinning hair too.
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Provides a firm hold
  • Creates a naturally fuller, wavier appearance.
  • Paraben free
  • Water soluble
  • Humidity resistant
  • NOT tested on animals.


Want to look like you’re on holiday every day?

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